United Airline Reservation

Making your United Airline reservation long in advance insures that you get the ticket your want for a reasonable price. You can make a reservation directly with United Airlines, or though a travel agent. Both options have their pros and cons - booking through an agent is convenient but most likely will incur additional charges, while booking directly with an airline you save on agent fees but you have to do everything yourself.

If you decide to make a United Airline reservation yourself, you can book your travel online. To create you itinerary, go to United Airline reservations webpage and log in. If you do not have a United Airlines account, you may login as a guest. Once you are in the system, you need to fill in the online form with you travel details such as round or one-way trip, departure and arrival locations, travel dates, number of travelers, service class, and e-certificate or promotion code if you have one. The system will search possible direct and non-direct flights and will present you the list of options with departure and arrival times and ticket cost. It is important to always read your fare rules before actually paying for the ticket. Once you have selected your flights, you can pay for the ticket by using a credit card. You should receive electronic confirmation of your reservation or purchase by email, and your trip will he added to My Itineraries on United website. You can print out your flight information for your convenience but it is not required at the airport. After this your United Airline ticket reservation is complete. You can also make United Airline reservation over the phone by calling United Airline reservations office.

Another way to make your United Airline ticket reservation is through an agency or a travel website, but in this case you need to note that all further technical and ticket handling support (re-scheduling, canceling, etc) should come also through this agency or website, not through United Airlines.

Always when you make United Airline reservations through a travel website other than official United website, make sure that it is solid, reliable and that it is authorized to handle United Airline ticket reservation.

For more information about United Airlines tickets, please refer to United Airline Ticket page of this website.