United Airlines Cargo

United Airlines services not only passenger flights, but also offers shipment services. United Airlines cargo services include Small Package Service, Express Service, General Service, and Same Day Express Service. United Airlines cargo tracking system is available for all service types.

Small Package Service allows shipment of small packages up to 100 pounds. United Airlines cargo department guarantees that your package will be shipped by the flight of your choice. Additionally, you can drop your package 30 minutes before flight departure and pick it up 30 minutes after the flight's arrival. If you plan to ship more that 25 pieces (500 lbs) by the same flight, it is best to make a reservation beforehand.

Express Services is a global cargo service for time-sensitive shipments. The flights are usually serviced by United Airlines and Ted. When you use Express service, your freight has the highest priority boarding status. You need to deliver your freight 2 hours before the flight departure in case of domestic shipment, and 3 hours before the flight for international freight. Shipment reservations need to be made with United Airlines cargo service beforehand - this may be done online or on the phone.

United Airlines General Cargo Service offers its customers a cost effective way to send shipments worldwide. Freight size and weight are limited to the aircraft capabilities, so you need to consult United Airlines Cargo service about this on case by case basis. Shipments must be delivered to the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure for domestic flights, and 4 hours before departure for international flights.

Same day service is available for domestic shipments and also for shipments to Germany. Freight acceptance and recovery time is 2 hours before the departure and after the arrival. Door-to-door delivery option is available. Shipment limitations are 32 kg per piece. United Airlines cargo service offers money back guarantee if the actual delivery time exceeds the promised delivery time by 3 hours.

To check on the location and status of your shipment, you can use United Airlines cargo tracking system. Go to United Airlines cargo website and enter your United Airlines cargo tracking code. The website also allows you to check shipment status for other carriers.