United Airlines Credit Card

Joining Mileage Plus program, which is United Airlines frequent flyer program, is an excellent way to save on United Airlines flights. Mileage Plus program has three membership levels - Premier, Premier Executive and 1K. Each membership level offers certain benefits like earning United Airline frequent flyer miles, United Airlines partner discounts, or class upgrade.

An important thing about United Airline frequent flyer miles is that they do not expire. You can redeem your miles today, in a year, or even five years. Any account activity in a 3-year period will extend the miles validity for another 3 years. Another advantage is earning frequent flyer miles while making any purchases from United Airlines partners - by simply staying at hotels, renting vehicles, dining, buying gifts or groceries, or even taking vacation or going on cruises.

Another way to earn frequent flyer miles is by using United Airlines credit card. United Airlines offers two types of credit cards - Consumer Credit Cards and Business Credit Cards. All card types have their unique sets of benefits, but one thing they all have in common - using United Airlines credit card guarantees that you earn United Airline frequent flyer miles.

Passengers have two options while selecting Consumer Credit Card - United Airlines offers cards for domestic or international purchases. For domestic purchases you should select Mileage Plus Visa. Mileage Plus Visa also has Cold and Platinum classes and Mileage Plus Visa Check Card. If you decide to go with United Airlines credit card for international purchases, there is only one type of credit card, which grants its owner benefits while shopping in a number of countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America. International credit card advantages also include mileage benefits with international partner airlines and diner discounts.

Business Credit Card is the type of United Airlines credit card that gives you ability to earn miles on all your business purchases. Whether you use the credit card to buy office supplies or meals out with clients, you always earn one mile per dollar spent. There are two types of United Airlines Business Credit Card - Mileage Plus Business Awards Visa and Mileage Plus Platinum Business Card.

United Airlines credit card can be obtained directly from United Airlines website, or through a network of websites that distribute credit cards.